Out with the old…

It is usual at the end of the year to pause and reflect upon what you have done and achieved, and for once I am not going to break with tradition.

  • I learned to make school lunches again after a break of 23 years, and how to put hair up in a bun so it doesn’t come down.
  • I have also learned that some friends can relied upon and others cannot.
  • I have realised that friends can pop up in the most unexpected places, both near and far:).
  • I have discovered that if I want to draw well, I have to do it every day. At the moment I am happy to be a writer, not an artist :).
  • Workwise it was a quiet year- I have felt 2 days a week in paid work can be frustrating in being not able to achieve much. Next year will be about working smarter and more realistically, as well as being more visible.

Looking back on my resolutions that I made at the start of the year, I think they were noble, but a bit intangible. Next year will be more about setting specific goals and achieving them, rather than aiming for the stars and feeling frustrated at not being able to measure achievement.

1. Be brave. Meet whatever challenges or opportunities come my way this year. I think the first challenge may be turning 40 with grace and a big bang!

I turned 40 and it was lovely celebrating with my family and lots of lovely messages on Facebook and Twitter. I didn’t have a party because I’m not great in big to-dos with the focus on me, which is pretty silly! I could have been braver.

2. Learn to say no. I’m going to not volunteer for everything, because I can’t do it all- or rather I can do it, but in a half-assed way. I should accept my limitations and weaknesses and work to my strengths.

I said no a couple of times, but I don’t think I said it enough. I still felt as if I was treading water and trying to do it all.

3. Remember what is most important- my little family, my friends, my health, both physical and mental. That may mean spending less time on the PC…

Well less time was spent on the PC, but a bit more on my phone. I could have focussed more on my family and more on my friends and I think it will be less a New Year’s Resolution, but more of a life-long resolution.

oh, and brush up on my German and Italian, do more crochet and knitting, and read more…

Well my German and Italian certainly did not get a look in- but I will need to do something with my Italian next year, as well as my French :). I didn’t do any crochet, and knitting was done in spits and spurts.

Enough pondering for now- the sun is shining, the back deck is shady and Mr BG is playing his guitar.

Enjoy your New Year, wherever you are.




4 thoughts on “Out with the old…

  1. Bookgrrl, your posts have been lovely in the latter part of the year, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the blog. Thanks for following the Art of Elegance Fair blog as well, and will be great to see you if you get up to Dunolly. Happy new year, likewise, best cheers, Monika

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