Bookgrrl’s top 10 posts of 2011

It has been an enjoyable year being Bookgrrl. It’s been fun writing about what I like and talking to the lovely people who read my blog either through facebook twitter and the comments. I

Thanks to the wonders of my WordPress blog stats, I am able to present the top 10 posts. From looking at these posts, my readers like it when I talk about the eighties, opshopping and myself. I think Miss BG’s entire ballet school cottoned on to my post about The Mermaid which was a good chance as any to show her off in a tutu :).

Some of these posts I would love to revise after having read them a while after they have been posted. Some have been painstakingly crafted in spits and spurts, while others have been quick to pop into my head and simply flow. Some are written in moments of lightness, some are written for the purpose of writing something, others are deeply personal and straight from the heart.

  1. Back to the 80s- Music
  2. Back to the 80s- Fashion
  3. Back to the 80s- Books
  4. Going Commando– shopping in a limited timeframe- what did you think I meant?
  5. Review- The mermaid – Miss BG in a tutu
  6. Do I? I do! The story of the romance between Mr BG and myself- and my red wedding dress
  7. The Romantic A review of one of Kate Holden’s followup to her memoir in my skin
  8. It’s time A story about my two lovely brothers
  9. Op shop holiday A trip to Melbourne opshopping
  10. The grr in Bookgrrl– my post about International Women’s day, being a mother, work-life balance and being a feminist

Tomorrow I’ll look back at the year, and at what resolutions I kept or didn’t keep, which would be more likely…

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