Questions for a bookworm

Sophie from Her library adventures adapted these for a recent blog post of hers- these questions are the original questions for a bookworm

Imagine you sit in front of a fireplace. You read and beside you there is a cup with something hot in it. What would that be in your case: tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

If it were in front of a fireplace it would have to be hot chocolate. If I were reading at home at the kitchen table, it would be a cup of tea and if I were reading in a cafe it would be coffee. Funny how the situation can sometimes demand a different drink. Mind you, mulled wine would also be a contender to have in front of a fireplace, but I’m not sure I would be reading :).

If an author gave you the chance to rewrite or to change the fate of a book character, who would you chose?

Hard to say as usually the character development is logical and integral to the story- if a character’s fate were to change the character itself would also be fundamentally changed. I would have liked to see Ivanhoe end up with Rebecca over Rowena, but it wouldn’t have really worked with the story.

Did your parents read stories to you when you were little? if yes are there any special ones you remember the most?

My parents did read to me as a child, but I have a clearer recollection of the books I read, rather than those they read to me.  What I do remember is my mum telling me stories of her childhood growing up in Ireland and England while my sister and I lay in bed. There was the occasional story about fairies and leprechauns thrown in for good measure!

What do you like more the smell of old antiquarian books or the smell of new fresh ones you just bought?

I’m a fresh new book smell girl- the smell of musty mold does not do a lot for me. Having said that, my favourite bookstore when I was growing up in Geelong was Barwon Booksellers, a second-hand bookstore.

You get the opportunity to chose between wsecret talents: either to be able to make things come to life through reading them or the gift to read yourself into a book. Which one would you like to have?

Oh, definitely read myself into a book!

Do you have a favorite children’s book or a favorite fairy tale?

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett- it was a Christmas present when I was eight years old. Still a lovely book.

Someone would talk to your friends and ask them to compare you to a book character. With whom do you think would they compare you?

Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- a girl who always wanted her own way and would kick up a stink if she didn’t. Or perhaps Miss Marple- a nosy lady who had a knack for understanding people’s foibles.

Tell me the name of a writer whom you would like to have as a friend.

Initially I thought Oscar Wilde or Jane Austen, Wilde’s witticisms and Austen’s acerbic nature may have been a bit wearing after a while. Kaz Cooke, Nikki Gemmell and Marieke Hardy would make fantastic friends.

You can hide in a written down world for only one night into which world do you escape?

I initially thought Narnia, but then I’d be spooked by all the talking animals…maybe a night in the Paris demi-monde of Anais Nin, or a wild party at Gatsby’s house?

Something terrible happens: you have to flee to an unknown place and all you can take with you are three books of all the ones you own. Which three ones do you put into your bag?

A desert island discs type of question, and one which had me perusing my bookshelves for quite a while, pondering. Finally the three chosen were

  1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte- melodrama, romance and a brooding hero
  2. The little Prince by Antoine de St-Exupery- to remind me of the magic of childhood
  3. Macbeth- witches, treachery and blood and gore

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