Ho ho home!

After a 500 kilometre-round trip involving two Christmases, lots of presents and not enough alcohol, I’m home.

Home is full of laundry to be washed hung out and sorted, dishes to be put away and toys to be sorted, but it’s also home to a cat that is glad to see us, and a bed that isn’t too soft or too hot, but just right.

I also received some good news about my beloved phone which had finally been repaired after two weeks, after a bounce test failed.

I have also, thanks to being on the road for the past two days, managed to avoid much of the madness of the post-Christmas sales. After having survived 7 Christmases as a retail chick in Myer, I am immune to the siren call of stocktake sales. Plus, after having to brave shopping on Christmas Eve, the last place I really want to be is back in a shopping centre again. Besides, I’m saving my shopping dollars (or Euros) for other ventures and places :).


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