Do not nerf Tiger*

6.24am was the time when we heard ripping and things popping from the lounge room. Master BG had found his toys from Santa. There was a gleam in his eyes as he surveyed his presents.

Miss BG’s first words when she was woken by her brother were ‘Santa! Presents!’ as she leapt out of bed and ran.

After much snipping, snapping, screwing and slotting (scissors, screwdriver and huge packs of batteries of differing sizes are always good to have on hand), the children were engrossed in playing.

They also ended up with a multitude of books and clothes and have declared Christmas so far to be ‘great’. There has been much discussion as to what to bring down to Nana and Papa’s as we head down to Christmas dinner.

It’s a times like this, after months of ferreting away toys, casually asking about likes and dislikes, dropping hints and finally entering hell that is the supermarket on Christmas Eve (9.30am and the queue outside the seafood shop was at leat 50 people), that you see the wonder and pleasure in a child’s face and think it was worth it.

No matter how you choose to celebrate Christmas as a deliciously pagan festival of indulgence and gift giving or as a celebration of Jesus’ birth,  may your day be happy and enjoyable.

*Quote of the day. A stationary cat and a boy with a Nerf gun is an irresistible combination…

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