Bookgrrl’s Christmas Book list

I did say in a recent post about gift ideas that one of the best presents to buy a child was a book. Well, there is absolutely no reason not to buy a book for a big person as well.

Readings have offered a great selection of book suggestions on their website, and at the moment are offering free postage Australia-wide. They have categorised their selections for a wide range of teens, foodies and mums and dads. I would have to say their selections are more to my taste, as is their free postage :).

Anyway, here are a selection of books which I’ve read and loved this year and which I would whole-heartedly recommend. And what’s more, they’re all female, Australian writers, true bookgrrls!

Marieke Hardy – You’ll be sorry when I’m dead. Marieke’s collection of essay cum memoir which is ripsnortingly funny. It should come with a warning not to read this on public transport lest you start making choking noises as you attempt not to laugh out loud.

Peggy Frew- House of Sticks. The story of Bonnie, a woman who has put her musician career on hold while she is a stay at home to 3 young children. While there are no regrets for this decision on her part, her relationship with her partner Pete is tested by her children and the arrival of an old friend of Pete’s. A great depiction of contemporary inner-city Melbourne domesticity.

Kerry Greenwood- Cooking the books. Latest in the Corinna Chapman series which sees Corinna taking on dodgy accountants, soap opera divas and an absconding apprentice. A fun murder mystery which will be a good holiday read.

Kate Grenville- Sarah Thornhill. The sequel to The Secret River, Sarah Thornhill the youngest of William’s children, and her love for Jack . However the actions of the past have a way of impinging on the present. Great Australian literature.

Jessica Rudd- Ruby Blues. The sequel to Campaign Ruby, Ruby Blues takes up the story of the intrepid Prime Ministerial media advisor Ruby Stanhope 2 years later. The PM is under pressure and Ruby’s love-life is also polling badly. Not only that she has to deal with her boss being blackmailed, a super-enthusiastic intern and turning 30. I’d describe it as political chick-lit that is light, fast-paced and utterly plausible.

Nikki Gemmell- With my body.Possibly my favourite book of the year. It is a deeply moving story of a mother’s personal and sexual awakening through revisiting the memories of an old love affair. Yes, it is quite raunchy, and not to everyone’s taste, but it’s written so beautifully and feels so real.

And a stocking filler please add The Harp in the South by Ruth Park. I haven’t read it for years (ok, 1987), but it is a gripping, realistic tale of life in the slums of Surry Hills. You can get it as a Penguin Classic so it’s nice and affordable.


8 thoughts on “Bookgrrl’s Christmas Book list

  1. I’ve put the Jessica Rudd books on my wish list. My daughter gave me the Bride Stripped Bare to read so I will read that before asking for With my body.
    It’s a while since I read a Kerry Greenwood. I think the last one was Devil’s Food. I will put that new one on my list too.

    • The good thing about Kerry Greenwood is that her books are largely self-contained. I enjoyed The Bride stripped bare as well, but I think With my body is the better book. Hopefully you get everything on your list ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Have got marike hardy on my desk right now and just reserved the Penny Frew one from my library ๐Ÿ˜‰ Recently gave the harp in the south penguin classic to a girlfriend as we both studied it in high school. Noice list grrl!

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