Do I? I do!

Once upon a time, two librarians met. When they first met, the girl librarian thought ‘Finally, a boy librarian!’. The boy librarian thought ‘I think I’m going to like working here!’

The boy librarian used to woo the girl librarian by sending her books of Duran Duran from the library’s collection. Unfortunately he was either too shy to put his name on a note, or supremely confident that she would recognize his handwriting and know it was him; as a result, she was bemused by their appearance (and pleasantly surprised too!).

The girl learned he was also a musician and that he played in a band. He brought in music for her to listen to, and she was quite impressed that inside the body of a mild-mannered librarian beat the heart of a poet.

Finally, he boy librarian asked the girl librarian out for a drink- SEVEN MONTHS LATER. As this was Glen Waverley in the 1990s there was nowhere to go out, so the girl librarian invited the boy librarian to her house for dinner- just dinner Mum, honestly! The evening was spent talking and talking until the girl librarian kicked the boy librarian out. Before he left, the boy librarian kissed her. It was the best first kiss  she ever had!

They started going out, and eventually moved in together. They went overseas not long after moving in together, and fought every day on that holiday (well it seemed like it). Yet they stayed together.

The boy librarian asked the girl librarian a question while out on a lovely dinner date.’Will you do me the honour of becoming my wife?’ he asked. The girl’s mouth dropped open as she struggled for words. ‘Yes’ she managed to squeak out and nearly burst into tears.

The boy librarian then confessed he didn’t have a ring because he knew that she would want to choose the ring for herself- the most romantic words that were ever spoken. A couple of days later the same romantic gesture was returned- ‘There are stocktake sales at Chadstone!’ the girl announced to the boy.

Finally on a crisp sunny day in December, Bookgrrl married her Mr BG at St Cuthbert’s at Menzies Creek  in a civil ceremony which was followed by a reception at Cotswold House a nearby restaurant. The bride wore a fetching red dress and the groom wore a grey suit with a red rose matching the colour of her dress. The groom forgot the ring, so the bride borrowed/ wore  her mother’s wedding ring. It was a great day spent with close friends and family, and it was 10 years ago today.

Happy anniversary Mr BG, and thank you for 10 years of laughter and tears, more good times than bad, house moves, renovations, children and holidays with children.


9 thoughts on “Do I? I do!

  1. do you know I’ve never seen a photo of that lovely day. Gosh you looked just beautiful. Happy anniversary to the BG’s. It’s been a blast watching your wild ride over the last 10 years and I look forward to many many more.
    Love Ms S

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