Jedi Girl

Sunday morning and I’m in the bathroom.

Miss BG wanders in, dispelling any belief I harboured in having privacy whilst in the shower. She says something which I can’t hear over the running water. I ask her to repeat it.

‘Muuum, I want some money!’ Miss BG has a very hungry piggy-bank which requires regular feeding.

I open the shower door and say no, very politely.

She waves her arm and booms, ‘you will give me some money’ like she’s some mini-Yoda. On second thought, she’s probably Yoda’s size.

I wave my arm back at her and say ‘Your Jedi mind-tricks will not work with me’.

She says (without batting her incredibly long eyelashes ) ‘Yes they will’ and bounces out of the bathroom to ask her dad for money.

I wonder if she has been watching too much Star Wars.

The end.


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