Review- Cooking the books

Corinna Chapman, the bountiful baker is back in Kerry Greenwood’s latest installment Cooking the Books.

With Daniel, her partner in love tracking down missing bonds and a missing girl, Corinna’s holiday plans of doing nothing segue into working for an old school chum’s catering business. Contracted to feed the cast and crew of a new soap opera filmed at Docklands, Corinna becomes embroiled in a drama of her own as  pranks and shenanigans on set threaten to derail filming.

Inner-city  Melbourne and its CBD provides the backdrop for the story, with Corinna and  following a trail of nursey rhymes across the CBD in the hunt for missing bonds that have been placed by a homeless former accountant. Bizarre? You betcha!

Combined with a subplot of a young girl being bullied by a firm of accountants with questionable practices and a finale involving a tiger and you have a cracker of a book.

With the addition of a soap opera within the plot,  Greenwood has let her imagination run riot . The plot twists and turns involving an ageing star, family secrets and her own apprentice Jason threatening not to return to Heavenly Delights.

Overall it’s a great holiday read- and quite unputdownable until you finish. As usual, there are a few scrumptious recipes at the back for the intrepid baker or aspiring pastry chef to try out!


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