Horrible Histories

One of our favourite TV shows at the moment is Horrible Histories, currently showing on ABC3 after dinnertime. Hosted by a rat(called Rattus Rattus), it’s a combination of skits, songs and historical facts. Any episode can be a combination of Roman hygiene, Victorian etiquette or Viking medical knowledge. There are also Gorgeous Georgians, Groovy Greeks, Terrible Tudors, and Stupid Deaths, where Death asks an historical character how they died.

A recent show had Dick Turpin singing his life story, complete with eyeliner and a song strangely remininiscent of a song from the eighties. Mr BG and myself were chuckling away, while Master BG, looking at us oddly. ‘What? What?’ he kept asking us, clearly not in on the joke. (Mental note- need to continue his education in classic 80’s pop)

Based upon a series of books by Terry Deary, the show appeal to those who love useless information presented in an engaging way.


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