5 things that make me go woo hoo!

In the need to provide balance to my previous snarkiness and ranty rage, here are 5 things this week which have made me smile and go huzzah!

1. My neighbour Shannon. Apart from being a lovely lady with 2 gorgeous girls, one of whom is in Master BG’s year at his school, she does the most wonderful favours. Yesterday, she had both my kids around after school for a play for two hours. I managed to drink a couple of cups of tea uninterrupted while doing essential stuff like laundry and reading a book :). Thank you Shannon!

2. You’ll be Sorry when I’m Dead by Marieke Hardy. A thoroughly readable and enjoyable collection of essays that are loosely a memoir, that had me laughing out loud on the train, and blinking back tears at home. Incredibly poignant, self-deprecating and hilarious, it is a also brutally honest book.

3. Twitter. Some lovely people make my day with their witty repartee. I don’t spend a lot of time on it, and sometimes I just lurk, but they are a great bunch of people, especially the librarians :). And of course, my personal trainer Tim who is now following me :).

4. The sun. After a fairly chilly spring, summer seems to be finally arriving. The sun is out finally, as are the roses in my garden. It almost makes me want to get out there and weed- almost…

5. The BG family for their curiosity (how does a time machine work? was one of the questions this week), their tenacity or pester power, and their ability to keep me grounded and mindful of what’s important in life.

Have a great weekend and let me know what things have made you smile this week 🙂


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