Redrum- or how I got my husband to tidy up his room

When we moved into our house 3 years ago, one room in the house was established as the music room, Mr BG’s office or the equivalent of his shed. Originally the dining room, it was renamed the red room due to the colour of the walls.

It was where his (very large) collection of CDs, and instruments would be shelved. It was also where the ironing went, piled on top of a very nice deco cocktail cabinet as well as a multitude of books, computer games and leads, stored in boxes. Add the wine and the laundry clothes horse during the winter months and it’s a pretty crowded place.

If it were not for the fact that  I walk past  the room every day- it has two entrances off the hall and off the kitchen- I wouldn’t worry about the jumble. But I do, and I do.

Efforts over the past couple of years to suggest a decluttering have been met with the ‘classic pot calling the kettle black’ defence, which goes along the lines of if I couldn’t put away my shoes/coffee cup/stuff/books, then I have no grounds upon which to demand a tidying.

The issue was, I wasn’t asking for a tidy up, which was nigh on impossible given the piles of stuff. I was asking for stuff to be sorted, filed away and reduced.  However, suggesting to a hoarder that he give up some of his stuff is tantamount asking me to give up chocolate. It was also getting frustrating insofar that Mr BG could not find what he was looking for, and the papers he did have were becoming lost and scattered.

Rather than jumping up and down hysterically in a huff, tripping over words in a rage (as I have done before), I calmly put it to him that the amount of stuff in the room was too much and it was impacting upon his ability to find anything. It was also having a negative impact on me and us as a couple. He agreed that work needed to be done. And then I backed off (as much as I could).

Little by little it began to happen. Items such as amps and speakers were removed, boxes were cleared and  shelving units shifted. A major push occurred this weekend when the impending visit of a house valuation spurred him to rearrange a couple of things. The room is now accessible from both entrances and looks much better. It was the best present anyone could give me!

The downside is that many of the boxes  and books that were in the red room are now in a corner of our bedroom, waiting to be sorted :).


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