5 things that make me go hmmm…

I get snarky at times- and there are times when I just have to let it out or I’ll explode. Or Mr BG will simply stop listening to my rants

1. I’m waiting to hear back from my bank. The call comes through and they want to speak to…Mr BG. Hang on, I was the one that made the call earlier. It’s so wonderful to be relegated to a lesser status because I’m the missus.

2. People or bots skimming my blog content and putting it on their blog without asking. I would be happy for people to reproduce my content, if they asked. Otherwise I see it as a breach of copyright.

3. Book Depository being taken over by Amazon– I will miss the ‘Thank you ever so much for placing an order…’ automated response to an order I would place. You could order a book and not have to worry about logging in, it was so easy to order (too easy to order in fact :)).I was constantly forgetting my password details on Amazon, which was why I hardly ever used it.*

4. Flippant use of words like Nanna-technology in an article about an Artisan Festival with no indication of to what it is referring. Craft has come a long way and is a great form of self-expression, not to mention a money-spinner.

5. Raffle tickets- for ballet, kinder, school and charities for Christmas fundraising. I am up to pussy’s bow with requests to sell tickets and to donate good for presents. It’s not that I haven’t donated or sold them throughout the year, but all of them coming at once is enough to make anyone go ‘Bah Humbug!’

And here endeth the rant…off to make myself a cup of tea 🙂


*Don’t worry- I do use Readings and Booktopia, just depended on price and availability



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