Five things I have learned about myself this week

1. I have been tres slack about blogging this week- but it was a break much needed. I know I can do it all- work, wrestling eels kid wrangling, and blogging, but doing it all at the same time is stretching it a bit. So I took a time out for a little spell and feel much better for it.

2.I’m never going to be a big fan of Korean cuisine- kim chi is not my thing. Still, it is one thing  can cross off my list of having tried…

3. Mangoes are in season, the price of bananas is coming down, and nectarines are beginning to make their appearance in the shops. Strawberries and blueberries are in abundance and I’m blissfully happy. Yes- I can be a bit fruity at times (groan at the lame joke!)…

4. I can be a very tactile person, and sometimes I have to hold myself back from being too touchy-feely. As a result I can come across as a bit guarded and reserved. I need to let my guard down a bit more and revel in the experiences it can bring.

5. I have the best husband in the world (yes I know you’re reading this Mr BG, but I do mean it :))

Have a lovely weekend- which may or may not entail being a taxi for an aspiring soccer player and ballerina, ferrying children to birthday parties, aspiring to and failing at being a domestic goddess, and being a godmother to an adorable nephew…


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