Hello Halloween!

The kids have been counting down to Halloween for the past week. They have been clamouring for pumpkins to carve, little bags for lollies and to go trick or treating. They have also been clamouring for lollies, but that is a usual occurrence in the house.

We already had some trick or treaters on Saturday evening- one group of 10 very excited bunch of girls and boys all dressed in black and purple (budding fashionistas). Luckily we had a stash of lollies in the treat bag, so we were able to dispense some lollies, compliment them on their choice of outfits and send them on their way. A couple of parents were at the gate, chaperoning as unobtrusively as possible- or as unobtrusive as one could be dressed as a vampire and a zombie.

Miss BG was packed off to creche today with a witch’s hat and big brother’s cape, and returned home after having trick or treated in the Toddler and Babies’ rooms, and made some spider biscuits.

Tonight, we headed off to our first Halloween party, hosted by American friends who have a very excited 2 1/2 year old cowboy. The kids dressed up- Master BG as Harry Potter (a lip pencil works wonders as a scar) and Miss BG as a ballerina.

As for me…well I turned up in comfortable, low-heeled boots and glasses and went as a librarian :).

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