Review: Elizabeth Taylor: Her Life in Style

Elizabeth Taylor: Her Life in Style by Susan Kelly.

Elizabeth Taylor was one of the 20th century’s most glamorous and beautiful women, not to mention one of the most photographed. This is a woman who employed a photographer as part of her entourage , and who, with her husband Richard Burton, was regular fodder for the burgeoning paparazzi.
Written by Susan Kelly (a ghost writer who has written fashion books), Elizabeth Taylor: her life in style is a collection of some of these photos (supplied by Getty Images) and commentary celebrating Elizabeth Taylor as a style icon.
The title of the book is a bit misleading. The  fashion commentary and introduction are little more than a brief biography and is more descriptive of her clothing, giving no indication as to the designer or label. A more robust analysis of her look would have been appreciated.
The biography itself details more about her personal and professional life than any mention of style- the only two designers noted are Tiffany and Bulgari. It also fails to mention the close relationship Taylor had with Edith Head, a celebrated stylist who under the studio system, had a key say in how stars looked in public.

The picture certainly depict her as a very glamorous and fashionable woman, yet there is still the odd fashion mistake which pops up even in this carefully edited montage. It is a shame that the book did not do justice to her style, preferring to focus on her eight marriages and jewellery collection. I think she deserved more.


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