Bookgrrl’s Stylin’ Week

Librarians have a reputation of being daggy and while I do confess to a collection of cardigans and comfortable shoes, I have a few things in my favour

1. I have been wearing hipster glasses and lipstick for so long I made them cool (tongue firmly planted in cheek)

2.I would religiously read the magazines before they hit the shelves before the borrowers get to them

3. The Dewey classification of fashion (391) is forever etched in my mind (so too is dinosaurs 567, cricket 796.356 and Australian History 994)

In honour of Frocktober and not to mention a flash of inspiration, this week is devoted to fashion, style and frocks.

While my blog  will not replace the likes of Styling You, Esme and the Laneway or Super Kawaii Mama (all gorgeous and informative), it will be fashion with a Bookgrrl twist- yes books will feature 🙂

Before I go any further, here is my take on  The Sunday Age’s  M Magazine Streetseen where you have a person on the street who is asked to describe their style.

  • I am- a librarian and mum who blogs as Bookgrrl.
  • I am wearing- a black shortsleeved dress from Target, a vintage (bought in 1996) grey jacket from Country Road. Shoes by Wittner, bag from a vintage shop in Clunes. I’ve been at work today, hence my outfit.
  • My style is- classic and comfortable or as Rachel from Small Notebook describes it ‘comfortably dressy’
  • I admire the style of- Audrey Hepburn and the fashion of Mad Men. I love Joan’s curves and how her wardrobe accentuates them. What I love about Audrey Hepburn is her ability to know what worked for her body shape and how to accentuate the positive.
  • My favourite labels are- Pleasure State, Elle McPherson and Bendon…actually I don’t really have any! I have clothes from everywhere- online, opshops, chainstores, with no particular allegiance to a label or shop.
  • My favourite place to shop is- London or Paris- no I’m just kidding! I like Little Collins St, and going shopping without the kids :).
  • My biggest fashion mistake was- a perm in my hair in the mid-80s. Actually the 80s is a pretty big fashion mistake.
  • When I was a kid I wore- handknitted jumpers, a lot of beige and navy blue- it was the 70s.
  • I would never be caught dead in – double denim, hotpants, really high heels, beige, and another perm.

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