A recipe for a good weekend includes

  • a weekend trip to a caravan park bought on the cheap at a kindergarten trivia night
  • 2 children excited by the prospect of going to the beach
  • a dash of nostalgia

Mix together, drive for three hours and you have our weekend away in Inverloch.

Inverloch was an occasional beachside retreat for Mr BG when he was younger, and he was quite amazed at the change in the town since he was there last. The fibro beach houses are still there, but they stand next to architectural masterpieces, and the real estate agents in the main street almost outnumber the number of takeaway food shops. The starting price for a house is around $450,000 and around $800,000 if you’re looking for something close to the beach.

We stayed in a unit at the Big4 Holiday Park, complete with indoor swimming pool, a jumping pillow and playground, as well as a couple of games/TV Rooms and internet kiosk.

The beach was about a two minute walk from the park, with the town centre about a 15 minute walk away. Our unit had its own bathroom (drawing a sigh of relief from Mr BG) and the beds were comfortable (Mr BG attesting to their comfort while indulging in an afternoon nap).

A determination on my part not to cook dinner saw us visit the local Esplanade Hotel for a nosh up the first night, with the next night being pizza, munched on while we gathered around the warm glow of a TV to see the final episode of Doctor Who. Our quest to find really good hot chips was satisfied and I discovered I love Bulmer’s Pear Cider- much nicer than the apple variety!

A recce in my op shop guide book saw two opshops in the vicinity, which were duly plundered visited. A much needed pair of shorts for Master BG, a tinkerbell nightie for my little miss and a Bakelite juicer for the kitchen were purchased from the Red Cross and the Anglican op shop.

We also managed to catch up with aunties and cousins and friends, making the trek down to South Gippsland all the more enjoyable.

The weather was better than what we left in Ballarat, ie it wasn’t cold, and we only got rained on as we were packing up the car to go home- score!

The last day saw us take a drive past the farm where Mr BG grew up in Tarwin Lower, and past the old schoolhouse that was Leongatha South Primary School where Mr BG went to school. It was a good chance to hear stories of the people knew who lived in a particular farm, see the creek where he played and dreamed of following like an explorer.

My only gripe about the weekend was bring back half the beach with us, and having a mountain of washing to clear :).


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