A Day Off

The school holidays have been a chance to spend a day or so with Master BG while Miss BG has been at creche. The day’s agenda is usually set by himself with some negotiation from me. So far it has involved eating out at a cafe or bakery, a park and some time playing poptropica on the computer with mum’s assistance/presence. It’s a day much treasured by the two of us and he calls it a day off with mum (presumably a day off from school and from being a big brother).

Yesterday, the day off was in Melbourne. Mr BG had an appointment to attend and we had a couple of hours to fill in. We visited my library, and I showed him some of the special spaces and chambers. It was one of the few times he has ever voluntarily lowered his voice- he was a bit in awe of the place.

Our morning tea of babycino and hot chocolate was served by the lovely Shirley who slipped us a couple of dinner mints as well as a few marshmallows :).

Our next stop was the Fitzroy Gardens, which was an excellent place to run off the marshmallows! We decided which places to visit from the map- a couple of fountains, the Fairies Tree and Cook’s Cottage.

The fairies tree was ‘okay’, the fountains were ‘cool’, and Cook’s Cottage was fun. The day was declared the funnest day off ever and was topped off by a visit to McDonalds (once again, his decision, not mine). There were a couple things we didn’t do, namely go off to visit the lovely Ms S and her family and go on a tram, but there always is a next day off…


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