Confessions of a booklover by Bookgrrl

The 7 types of book lover was featured in Mamamia on Tuesday. Looking at the list, I must admit I am guilty of a few, but not all of these types. Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa…

1. The Book Thief- When I moved to Geelong in 1984 I accidentally forgot to return a library book back to the Ararat Library, called The Endless Steppes by Esther Hautzig. The library police (Mr Bookman aka Mr BG) has yet to catch up with me, as I have moved several times, changed my name and the library service has dissolved in the 27 years since the crime took place. I can’t believe I still remember the title!

2. Dog Earer- My Grade Five teacher Mr Maher took one look at my copy of Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and shuddered at the way I was treating it- dog ears, scuffed cover. I was really hard on books when I was younger, but I have reformed since then. Although a subcategory of this would be the coffee cup on the book, but I DON”T DO THIS (Mr BG is reading this *blows a kiss*)

3. Serendipity Screamer-The read and sharer- I will happily tell the world if I like a book, but release a book into the wild? A poor defenceless book? I can’t possibly do that!

4. The self conscious reader- I have read the odd one or one hundred books which some people may find embarassing. Yes, I have read Mills & Boon, and I harbour a special place in my heart for Jodi Picoult, Diana Gabaldon (time travelling romance) and Lillian Jackson Braun (mystery writer featuring a lot of cats). And I used to read a lot of Maeve Binchy before my mum discovered her. And no, I haven’t read James Joyce, Proust, nor Tolstoy. Sartre left me cold, as did Graham Greene. The closest I have come to Patrick White is reading David Marr’s biography, which I thoroughly recommend.

5. The did not finish- Occasionally this has happened, as I remember not finishing Amy’s Children by Olga Masters, which was a VCE text of my sister’s. Usually now it’s not even starting a book, let alone finishing one.

6. The underliner- a phase I quickly went out of after VCE- my copies of To kill a mockingbird, Macbeth and My Name is Asher Lev bear the scars of my underlining and highlighting. Thankfully post it notes and photocopying from books and journals came into common use when I was at uni :).

7. The reader of things you have never heard of- when I was working in a public library we would get a mix of bestsellers and new authors. Some of the new authors were excellent- Rosalie Ham, Amanda Lohrey, and Drusilla Modjeska just to name a few. Many of these were introduced to me by other library staff who were voracious readers (occupational hazard of working in a public library). I’ve never been the type to rabbit on about an unknown author though.

There is another type of booklover which wasn’t mentioned.

8. The bookpiler- a pile of books beside the bed, or on the bookcase that you are meaning to read- they may be worthwhile books which quickly get pushed aside for the latest page-turner, a book you know you have to read, but doesn’t grab you just yet. I have to keep them there, as their presence nags me, their muffled cries of ‘read me!’ keeping me aware that I must get to them…someday.

What type or types of booklover are you?


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