Review- The Smurfs

Saturday morning saw myself and the little BGs head to the cinema to see The Smurfs! This was not the 3D version, but still an enjoyable outing, especially for Miss BG, who was going to the movies for the very first time.*

When evil wizard Gargamel with sidekick cat Azrael chases the Smurfs out of their village, six of them tumble through a worm hole and end up in Central Park. The Smurfs must try and find a way to get back to their village without falling into the clutches of Gargamel. Along the way they find friends in the guise of Patrick and Grace Winslow (Neil Patrick Harris and Glee’s Jayma Mays), an expectant couple, who are still grappling with the  life changes a baby will soon bring.

It’s a kids movie, with a nostalgic feel to keep the parents  who grew up watching the Smurfs on Saturday morning cartoons (and pestering their parents to buy them Smurfs from BP petrol stations) happy. The human stars are very able in their roles, with Gargamel (Hank Azaria) hilarious and definitely played for laughs.Neil Patrick Harris and Jayma Mays are adorable as the couple and play the straight man to the witticisms of the Smurfs very well.

There are some funny scenes where where the Smurfs attempt to blend into Blue Men and Blu-ray signs, and there is also  a few references to Peyo the artist who created the Smurfs. I enjoyed it, but the kids loved it. Here are their verdicts and reactions.

Master BG- ‘I liked it when Gargamel got hit in the nose. And I liked the funny song, but it was very annoying.’

Miss BG-‘I liked the wizard and I liked the popcorn. Can we see The Smurfs again?’

Verdict- Thumbs up!

*Miss BG managed to sit the entire way through, and ended up cuddled on my knee. She quickly caught on to the ‘no talking when the movie is on rule’ and was casting dirty looks at a noisy three year old sitting behind us. ‘Mummy, she’s talking!’ she whispered indignantly.

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