So much to tell you…

Have you ever been asked “So, what’s happening with you?” and your mind goes completely blank?Are you left floundering, and all that comes out of your mouth is “ahhhh, ummm, not much…”? Do you then realise after the conversation has ended that there was heaps you could have said, had your brain and your mouth moved out of first gear?

This is a regular, and unfortunate occurrence with me in real life, and it appears to have also happened with my blog. Looking at a blinking cursor for the past couple of days, I was at a sudden loss for something to say.

Of course this hasn’t been helped by the fact I have been busy at work, and that I have been reading more books which has taken time away from the computer. There are however, some milestones which have happened that are kinda exciting…

Miss BG turned four, with a party. She received lots of lovely presents and is set to take the baking world by storm with her array of cupcake paraphenalia and aprons, or open a toystore specialising in My little Pony and Barbies.

Master BG is beginning to read to himself for fun, and decided to do add-ups for fun on the weekend- another geek in the making :). He is probably another reason why I am spending a bit less time on the computer as he is agitating for a bit more time on the computer. He enjoys playing maths puzzles on the PC with his dad and Poptropica with me. It’s amazing to sit with him and see him nut out logic and maths problems on the computer.

Mr BG’s genealogy bug is in remission, but as spring has sprung, his thoughts have turned to outside. Our next major purchase will most likely be a lawnmower to go with the lawn we laid in autumn, and we are talking about getting some paving done. I also picked up for him a very nice green check Ralph Lauren short sleeved shirt from the Salvo’s in Bourke Street on Monday for $8.00 in very good condition.

As for me, well…um…I’m sure there was something, apart from reading, mending, laundry, cooking, drawing, going to the gym, being a taxi driver, kid-wrangling, organising stuff, watching DVDs of Jonny Cash and The Gilmore Girls (a guilty pleasure)…

Actually, there is something lovely which happened yesterday. The wonderful Sally from Sally Sets Forth, gave me a lovely shout out from her blog yesterday. It is somewhat inspiring to be an inspiration to someone, especially when I haven’t blogged in over a week :).

Sally is also doing a survey on Twitter for Professional Development and Career Progression. It is aimed at library staff, so please take a look at the survey and fill it out.

And if I think of anything else to say, I’ll let you know, sooner rather than later!

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