My 10 ultimate fantasies

There are times when if you’re feeling flat and tired, and wishing for the never-ending winter to end, that you start to fantasise. They can be incredibly ordinary or extraordinary, depending on my mood at the time :).

1. Coming home to a clean house with well-behaved children greeting me at the door and sitting down to a cooked meal that has been lovingly prepared by Mr BG. After dinner I read quietly to the kids while Mr BG does the dishes and cleans up the kitchen and dining room. The children get ready for bed, go to bed and then stay in bed. I have a long bath which never seems to go cold, hop into my pyjamas and watch Doctor Who on the TV (it’s my fantasy) with Mr BG…

2. Eating dark chocolate and never putting on weight- actually eating any kind of chocolate and never putting on weight…

3. Eating fresh bread and never putting on weight or feeling like I’m expanding like the Michelin Man.

4. Having the ability to spring out of bed when the alarm goes off early in the morning feeling refreshed and ready to hit the gym. (Sorry, I’m laughing as I type this, because I know this’ll NEVER happen).

5. Having the ability to drink my requisite 8 glasses a day without feeling all sloshy inside.

6. Having a laundry and cleaning fairy who does the laundry, vacuums, dusts and tidies everything away, but yet I am still able to locate what I need.

7. Going to Paris to live in a cute little apartment, all by myself (I call this my Amelie fantasy- which also involves zipping around the streets of Paris on a Vespa)

8. David Tennant.

9. Sean Connery, circa Doctor No.

10. Sleep (I also laugh as I type this, as I am never going to get enough!)

What are your fantasies, if I may be bold as to ask?


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