Vintage a-Fair

The Ballarat Vintage-a-Fair was held at the Brown Hill Hall on Saturday, with proceeds from the $2 door entry going to Child and Family Services (CAFS) and the RSPCA. I managed to escape from the house alone to have a wander in vintage heaven.

The hall was crammed full of stalls, some from shops, both local and from afar, and some from people selling off their wardrobes.

There were frocks, dresses, pantsuits, coats, suits and jackets, tweed, silk, satin, taffeta, polyester, wool and chenille,  pucci-inspired, polkadots, stripes and plain. There were also fabulous accessories of stockings, shoes, pearls, sparkly jewellery and hats.

There were a few ladies who were dressed to the nines in vintage apparel, including Nicole Jenkins who was available for consultations on vintage clothing and for a talk on vintage clothing. There are some photos of some pretty ladies on Finding Femme’s blog.

I managed to snaffle an olive-green tweed jacket for $15 and swooned over several other items, but was hampered by lack of cash- it was cash only and the ATMs were back in the centre of town. Next time I’ll be more cashed up, or hopefully the venue may be a little closer to town :).

At any rate, the Fair was a win for all the Ballarat fashionistas and the lovely organisers of the day :).


2 thoughts on “Vintage a-Fair

  1. Ha! I just opened up your latest post (I subscribe by email) and got excited that you had been to the fair too. Then I saw your link to my blog.

    Great minds shop alike!

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