Op-shopping on Highway 8

On the way back home from a work visit in Horsham, I made a couple of stops in Ararat and Beaufort.

I visited the Vinnies in Ararat, where I found a lovely skirt for $4

and the Beaufort Op Shop, which is a shop which gives to a wide range of charities, I picked up two shirts (both of which should look good with a pair of bloack pants) and a vintage trio , all for the princely sum of $18.

The Ararat Vinnies and I have a bit of a history. My mum worked there as a volunteer when we lived in Ararat in the early 1980s, when my youngest brother started school. After school, we would sometimes walk up to meet her there, and play hide and seek out in the back or in the meeting rooms. If I am passing through, I will usually stop, sometimes in the hope I will see one of the ladies with whom my mum used to work!


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