It’s not you, it’s me

Dear Gym,

It’s hard for me to say this after 3 and a half years together, but the time has come for us to part. Don’t get me wrong, we’ve had some very fun times together- boot camp was a real highlight for me, but it’s time for me to move on.

Initially you were fantastic- great facilities, and lovely showers, and your staff were and have always been incredibly friendly. It was strange having a program written for me without any initial physical fitness assessment, but I let that pass. Your fitness challenges were always good, as well as your focus on diet, with tips which have continued to help me. Without your help I wouldn’t have lost my baby weight, gotten fit, in fact fitter than I have ever been. I would have never run 10km before.

It has been building up for a while, you know, the little things which make you wrinkle your nose and purse your lips. Like spending more time trying to attract other people rather than focusing on the people you already have. Cancelling classes on certain days hasn’t helped either, nor has it helped when your personal trainers, whom you have developed a good relatinionship decide to leave for greener pastures- I’ve had four who did this. That is almost as bad as my track record with hairdressers. The staff didn’t really say much, but I think the long hours, the casual nature of the work and the constant need to keep qualifications up to date meant there was high turnover of staff.

You also had a number of holiday programs aimed at children, but not apparently for little 6 year old boys. Even an aquatic program at a location other than the gym was deemed female-only, which I thought to be tad much. I really question the values of a business which would discriminate against members who have sons, not daughters.

I think the last issue which questioned my relationship with you was your inhouse magazine. I loved the tips and the recipes and the stories of inspiration and encouragement. I didn’t like so much the giveaway of Playboy gym equipment to those whose letters were published. I mean if the gym is supposed to be about empowering women, why are you promoting a brand which promotes women as playthings of an 84-year old man?

That’s when I realised, I didn’t fit with you and you didn’t fit with me. I felt really bad when I cancelled my membership, but I have felt better about myself ever since.

Before you say anything, I’m seeing another. They have classes I can go to, the staff are pleasant and there’s a swimming pool attached. The creche is staffed with qualified attendants should I need to use it, and what’s more there is no pressure on me to upgrade my membership- if I want a personal trainer or detary advice there is someone there, but there is no pressure.

Thank you for the great time I had with you, but I have to go.

Love Bookgrrl xo


4 thoughts on “It’s not you, it’s me

  1. hey bookgrrl

    I’m a PT and teach group fitness classes at your new “other place with a pool attached”.

    Be sure to say Hi, and if you decide you need a PT let me know.


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