Just like mum used to make…

Miss BG and boiled eggI made Miss BG for lunch a boiled egg with toast after kinder today, and she loved it, dipping the toast soldiers into the egg yolk, then eating the rest of the egg with a spoon. I used to love this as a child, although I baulked at eating the white for a while. My mum was and still a firm believer in the googy egg as a great meal.

I now prefer my eggs poached, with a bit of brown sauce, and will happily eat them morning, noon and night- thanks mum!

Another dish popular with one member of the house is a mashed banana sandwich. It’s basically a mashed banana between two pieces of fresh white bread, and popular as a comfort food when Mr BG is sick. Thankfully he hasn’t been that sick recently to require me to take out a bank loan to afford the bananas :).


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