Five things about form filling

How much can your life change in five years? That was the question I asked myself last night when I was ruminating over the Census questions and what they did and did not answer about my life.

1. I now have a Master’s Degree in Information Architecture. It took four years to complete and cost me a lot of sleep, a few grey hairs and some sanity, but I have another piece of paper to frame.

2. I have a daughter. She is now nearly four years old and has cost me a lot of sleep, a lot of grey hairs and a bit more of my sanity, but she is more precious than any piece of paper I own.

3. I have a gym membership. It is 3 years old and has cost me a lot of sleep, but has restored some of my sanity, and fitness and is an excuse to escape from the house.

4. I have a blog. It is nearly 2 1/2 years old, keeps my company when I can’t sleep, and has restored some of my sanity in my ability to vent, and tell the world…stuff!

5. I have a cat. Tiger is nearly 2 years old and loves to sleep, is a grey tabby and has made me realise just how much you can love a bundle of fur that purrs, and seems to prefer sitting on your clean laundry, your clothes horse and your ironing board- basically anywhere you are placing freshly-washed clothes…

And here are five things which haven’t changed in my life since the last census:

1. I am still a homeowner. Granted the home is now in Ballarat rather than Melbourne, but we sold our townhouse and bought a house in Ballarat three years ago.

2. I still live in Ballarat. I am in a different house than the one in which I completed the census five years ago, but it’s about 50 metres away from my old place!

3. I still work in Melbourne two days a week. Two lovely, full days earning lovely money, then coming home to an excited family!

4. I still spend way too much time online and Facebook, Twitter and my blog.

5. I still hate housework. It is not a fulfilling part of my life, nor will it ever be!

What has or hasn’t changed in your life since the last Census?

5 thoughts on “Five things about form filling

  1. We still have two lovely dogs, but they aren’t the same two lovely dogs we had 5 years ago.
    I learned to knit.
    I’ve been to New York.
    I’ve learned enough Japanese to no longer be a beginner, and I’ve now got a piece of paper to prove it!

  2. We now live on the Gold Coast, not Melbourne šŸ˜¦
    I gained direction and a career goal.
    I went to uni and got a Grad Dip in Info Management.
    I have a chronic (but manageable and currently in remission) medical condition.
    We’re still a “defacto” couple and have no plans to change thanks very much! (are you listening parents?)

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