The grrl sleeps tonight- I hope…

I am roused from a deep sleep by the rustle of a doona being thrown back, the sound of little footsteps in the hallway and the door knob being turned. I hear the whispered words,”Mummy, I want to come into bed with you”.

Of my two, miss BG has always been the one who loves to get into bed with us, and primarily me. Unlike her brother, she really feels the cold and craves the warmth and comfort of another sleeping body. I used to feed her in bed as a newborn and settle her before popping back into her bassinet.

There are some nights when musical beds are played and either myself or Mr BG go back to her bed. Other nights, like last night we were all in together and surprisingly slept quite well. I say surprisingly, because there have been times my daughter has turned into a wriggling eel with bony elbows and knees that would stick into the small of your back or around your shoulders…

If I do pretend to be asleep, I feel the pat of a small hand on my head or on the doona to get my attention. The voice becomes a little more insistent and louder, before I respond with a grunt.

I remember myself visiting my parent’s bed until I was about four, then abruptly stopping after dad exploded with rage in the middle of the night. My own midnight explosions of rage have however failed to deter my daughter as she continues to make her way into our bed. Clearly she is made of sterner stuff than I.

It’s hard to stay angry at her though, and she looks so beautiful when she’s asleep. With her eyelashes, rosy cheeks and little rosebud of a mouth she looks like a china doll sleeping. And she does do the best cuddles…


6 thoughts on “The grrl sleeps tonight- I hope…

  1. I still get the occasional visit from Kid2 in our bed – and she’s 11! It usually follows a nightmare, and we can have a whole week of nightmares. I was most bemused to find that when I traveled for work, Kid2 would just move into my side of the bed for the whole time and not even start the night in hers…. best of luck with Miss BG πŸ™‚

  2. Hi just found you
    I remember the night when my little ones came into our bed I don’t remember a lot of sleep going on on my part but the cuddles were nice.

    It doesn’t happen any more my youngest is now 15 so it has been a while since he needed mummy in the night however I believe he sometimes sleeps in my bed when I am not here. Maybe he misses me.

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