Librarians may be shy, socially awkward creatures, but say the words morning tea and we can come scurrying out the woodwork faster than you can say “I’ll have a soy latte thanks!”.*

There was a stupendous super morning tea at MPOW today in honour of four of our library staff who have birthdays in July, and to say farewell to another staff member who is going overseas for a year.

It was good to see nearly everyone gathered down a long table, chatting away happily, while scoffing chocolate cake, apple, rhubarb and raisin cake and my orange and poppyseed cake. With the disparate nature of our work groups spread across 4 separate work spaces and two buildings, the ritual of morning tea is the best way to see the library team together.

We do have library staff meetings as well, after which we gather for a cuppa and cake, but the morning tea to celebrate a birthday, a new staff member, someone finishing their degree is something special.

Miss BG made an appearance at the festivities and managed to put away two slices of cake and a bubbacino (with marshmallow), while charming everyone with her shy act.

Of course I do wish to emphasise that we don’t have morning tea all the time. I don’t want to leave you with the impression that despite having access to the best scones in Melbourne and lovely catering staff  that we have enjoy elevenses every day- that would be wishful thinking :).

*I’m a skinny latte, or a pot of English Breakfast Tea, or a hot chocolate girl myself- depends on my mood…


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