Week in the life of Bookgrrl

In an all-too common moment of madness I thought it would be a good idea to compile a physical scrapbook of a week in the life of my family, being inspired by super mum/librarian Tania.

The mad bit of this is I’m not a scrapbooker, so there will be a bit of a learning curve. I’m usually happy just to bung a whole heap of photos in an album in a vaguely chronological order! I see the experience as a value-added album, with ephemera as well as photos. As it’s a time capsule, I’ll add blog posts, tweets, receipts, and other things which come to mind.

With that in mind, the first day in the week of my life started at 6am, when I was rudely awakened by the alarm and headed to the gym. This is not a usual start to a Monday morning, as I am usually at work. Today was a day off, though a busy day off!*

Back at 7.30, I greeted the kids having breakfast, then made my own (porridge with peaches, and green tea), followed by making Master BG’s lunch for school.

Dressed my daughter, then made my toilette and managed to hustle the kids out the door by 8.40, with Mr BG having already left for work. Miss BG was dropped off at daycare, followed by her big brother at school.

I stayed for the assembly, where Master BG was awarded a Principal’s Award for “Trying to answer questions as well as ask them”- truly an apt reason!

Back home, where domestic stuff ensued- laundry, beds made, lounge room tidies, kitchen cleaned. Tiger let in and out several times, until I finally kicked her out after she attempted to climb the clothes horse to get closer to the heater, which resulted in laundry strewn on floor. Several choice words were hurled at Tiger’s retreating back.

Finally extracted new (read unused) sewing machine from box and set it up. I’m one of those anal people who RTFM, mainly because the last time I used a sewing machine was 1985, and I came off second best.

I cut down a queen-sized doona cover to single-sized for Miss BG’s bed and sewed that up, followed by lunch. I spent my lunch hanging on the phone trying to confirm a specialist’s appointment, then headed out to post a couple of parcels, visit Spotlight and the picture framer’s.

Post-errands I sewed up a couple of cushions for the couch in a fetching black and white Eiffel Tower fabric I had discovered in the shed while clearing it out.

Packing away the sewing paraphenalia, I then embarked upon baking a cake- orange and poppyseed- for a morning tea tomorrow.

With the cake in the oven, I dashed out to pick up a very happy Miss and Master BG from daycare and school.

As luck would have it, their dad was walking up the street as we parked. It was lovely to see the kids racing down the street to say hello to daddy.

Dinner was soup and toast, with leftover pudding as dessert, and yoghurt for the kids. Cake was iced and refrigerated, Master BG’s award was put on the fridge and kitchen cleaned (again).

Bedtime mayhem has ensued, and I am finally hoping to have this posted so I can put my feet up and watch a DVD!

*By the way, I’m not going to do this every day this week. You can expect something different tomorrow :).


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