Tripping the Toora fantastic

The advice from my sisterinlaw Kerry when we talked about coming down to Toora to visit was ‘”pack your boots!”

I love an excuse to go boot shopping, but these weren’t exactly what I had in mind…

Still, they came in handy, when we took the little BGs riding on Kestrel, and introduced them to Annie and Susie, the Shetland pony with an exuberant personality and a shy miniature donkey.

We also indulged in a bit of cowspotting as well :).

My boots came off when we visited the Toora windfarm. It’s a beautiful sight from afar and up close they are spectacular, generating power for 6,600 homes. The wind turbines are spread across 5 properties, giving farmers an income while their cattle are allowed to graze underneath.

We went shell gathering down at Port Welshpool, where we ate the yummiest chips from the General Store near the pier. There are no photos of said chips as they disappeared very quickly!

The day finished off with toasting marshmallows on a fire outside, listening to a gentle whoosh of the wind turbines from the wind farm.

Oh, and copious amounts of port as well :). Once again no photos of port as we scoffed the lot…

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