A blinking cursor

Hello June 30, I can’t believe #blogjune is over!

I was going to title this post with ‘And now the end is here’ from the wonderful My Way, but that would indicate something else, such as I’ve gotten sick of writing every day for 30 days and I just want to go and bury myself in my warm bed and not get up until spring. Tempting, but no…

The challenge has been trying to find something to say when you don’t know what to say, and trying to silence that blinking cursor in the middle of a blank blog post. I have drawn inspiration from many of the participants through their posts and the wonderful memes which popped up. I know that the majority of you have a queen-sized bed and everyone seems to hate housework of some description. I’ve learned that the crafty peeps love softies, felting, knitting, scrapbooking and card-making. The interiors of our houses have come up for perusal, holiday snaps have been oohed and ahhed over (or was this just me?), and the use of pen and paper to illustrate a theme for a post has been cleverly used.

Local history has been a feature, as has social history and genealogy. I am also half inclined to take part in a week in the life project like Michelle and Tania, though my scrapbooking skills are not that great. I know my limitations regarding genealogy and with my other half having been bitten by the genealogy bug, I’m quite content to say I came from Ireland in 1972 and leave it at that for the moment :).

There has been a great deal of great library-related posts to emerge, but I think that the output of a post a day has meant that meant that posts have been lighter rather than meatier. Having said that, the collaborative posts from Libraries Interact, ALIA Sydney and The Room of Infinite Diligence have demonstrated just how well librarians work as a collective when collaborating on a blog. Several different voices, and different styles, all united by a passion for libraries and librarianship.

One of the good things which have emerged has been the 100 articles a librarian must read, which will make for a valuable read. Seeing the different libraries around the world Ellen wishes to visit whets my appetite for a busman’s holiday.

I have loved reading of people’s families, people’s recipes, and pets. I have really enjoyed knowing more of people’s musical and literary tastes and appetite for film. Fiona’s musical challenges have been cool and people have been very quick to answer them I feel spectaularly proud of the fact I can claim bragging rights on one of them :).

Apart from that, it has been a learning exprience for me. I have enjoyed the discipline of writing every day, and it is one I’ll continue to do. I’m going to take a couple of days off, make some muffins and some of the chai tea from Katie’s recipe, and make some plans as to what I want to do with this blog.

As for July, I have

  • a pile of books to read,
  • kids to wrangle during the school holidays,
  • a cardigan to finish knitting,
  • a gym to visit,
  • tax to do,
  • piles of laundry to sort (as always)

and above all, more writing to do!

2 thoughts on “A blinking cursor

  1. lol thank you for the links, and yes, many of us has queen-sized bed. I think I am done drawing for awhile and yes, to get ready for the tax time too =)))

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