I’ve grown accustomed to her face

I have kicked her out, shooed her off the bed, the kitchen counter, the clothes horse and the dining room table. I have washed her feeding bowl, cleaned out her kitty litter tray and admonished my children several times for playing with her, then not washing  their hands.

But… I’ve grown accustomed to her face peeking through the glass door as I head down to the kitchen early in the morning. I’ve looked forward to coming home and seeing her in Miss BGs bedroom window, looking out to the street, almost as if she is waiting for me to come home. I have enjoyed the warmth of her body as she curls up on my lap while I’m watching telly.

I didn’t want to be the cliched librarian with a cat, but I’ve enjoyed having a pet around, and the rest of the family are also loving it. As Mr BG said “The family feels complete with a pet.”

As we legally can’t register a stray, we had to take Tiger to the RSPCA so they can check to see if she is a match for any lost pets. She doesn’t have a microchip, but she has been desexed and she matches the description of a lot of lost cats- that’s the thing about grey tabbies! She’ll get checked by a vet tomorrow, wormed and vaccinated and microchipped. If she is not claimed, then we can adopt her.

It was really, really hard dropping her off today, and coming back to an empty house did not make it any easier.

Just feeling very flat and blah at the moment.



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