Somewhere over the rainbow

The rainbow meme, with thanks to Fiona and Tania. I have kind of followed Tania’s example, with something about what the colour symbolises to me and favourite songs featuring the colour.


1. My wedding dress is red. The fabric doesn’t really crease, which is great, as I had orignally planned to elope with Mr BG and get married in Scotland. Wiser heads prevailed (namely my two brothers, who convinced me Mum would KILL me if I ever considered it) and I was married in a civil service in  a former Anglican chapel in the Dandenongs.

2. When I was in kinder, I used to paint exlcusively with red paint, as it was a safe colour for me. When I branched out into other colours, my teacher hailed it as a breakthrough!

3. I see red is one of the best Split Enz songs ever :).


1. I look hideous in orange, but the leaves in my street look gorgeous in that colour in autumn. I think that’s one of the reasons why autumn is my favourite season.

2. Orange is the colour of Unionism in Northern Ireland, so I’m not entirely comfortable with it. Having said that, you know if you’re in a Unionist street because they paint the kerbs red, white and blue after the Union Jack, rather than orange.

3. One of the first REM songs I knew and liked was Orange Crush.


1. The walls of our hallway and kitchen are painted a beautiful buttercup yellow, which always cheers me up. In the morning sunlight the front hallway is ablaze as light streams in through through the front door.

2. The juxtaposition of yellow with blue always reminds me of the kitchen at Monet’s house in Giverny, a truly beautiful place in the world.

3. One of the best songs from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is  Oh yeah by Yello.


1. It’s Master BG’s favourite colour and he chose it be the colour of his bedroom.

2. Green is the colour of my new (vintage) coat, and makes for a splash of colour in the black shades of a Melbourne winter.

3. It was only recently that I discovered that the Talking Heads cover of Take me to the River was written by Al Green.


1. My eyes are blue, which I inherited from my dad. Except from when I’m sleeping, they are usually framed by glasses, which I have worn since I was 10.

2. Our bedroom is painted a Brittany Blue (Haymes shade), which looks very nice against the white mantlepiece and wardrobe. I also have a lovely blue dish from Kate which was a gift last year when she came for dinner.

3. The vocals in Chris Isaak’s song Blue Hotel always amazes me.


1. I was the second person in my class in Grade 5 to graduate from a pen licence to a fountain  pen. My fingers were constantly stained with indigo ink in the latter years at primary school.

2.I don’t have a lot of indigo in my wardrobe, but a love indigo and white striped tops, which looks tres nautical!

3. I always associate indigo with navy, as In the Navy 🙂 (sorry, I am stretching it a bit!)


1. Every pot of violets which I have been given, I have killed, either by underwatering, overwatering or sheer stupidity.Which is a shame because I love their subtle fragrance.

2. I have never entertained the thought of naming my daughter Violet, although I do know a Daisy, a Rose and a Holly.

3. Here is a chance to indulge my prediliction for U2 and Ultra Violet (Light my Way)

4 thoughts on “Somewhere over the rainbow

    • It’s always good when we are inspired by what comes before us. I loved the alphabet meme but didn’t think I would do it justice!

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