Sunday Conversations

Kitchen. Sunday morning, 7.30am

Master BG: (seated at table) Mum, do vampires like garlic?

Me: (making breakfast) No, they hate garlic!

Master BG: Mum, what do vampires eat?

Me: They drink blood.

Master BG: They don’t eat brains?

Me: No, zombies eat brains. Vampires are on a liquid diet (cue laughter).

2 minutes later. Master BG and I are at table eating breakfast.

Master BG: Mum, do we have a bible?

Me: (mouth full of porridge) Why do you want a bible?

Master BG: We were talking about bibles in school.

Me: (resigned to the fact that I will never get to eat my porridge in piece) Do you want a bible or a bible stories book? (even at home always doing the reference interview)

Book of bible stories selected. Book is read. Much concern over Jonah and the ‘big fish’, from Master BG because he is swallowed, and from me because the last time I read this story, Jonah was swallowed by a WHALE which is a mammal.

Peace for five minutes.

Master BG: Mum, can I play library?

Me:(Big sigh and little chuckle) Why not 🙂

Library play ensues. Such is the demand for books that library expands from just Harry Potter books to information books and Captain Underpants books, which are been organised into ‘sections’ (his words). We all take turns in being a librarian ‘Mum you know how to be one- you’re already a librarian!’ Master BG learns the basics of marketing ‘please come to my library’, and finally the grim reality ‘If you don’t come to my library I’m just going to have to close the library forever’.

Cue exit from me.

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