To market, to market…

Saturday beckons, and with any luck there’s a farmer’s market to go to. We’re pretty spoilt for choice in Ballarat with the Lakeside Farmer’s Market on twice a month, the Town Hall market the first Saturday of the month, as well as the Buninyong Market. If we want to make a day of it, Talbot is about 40 minutes up the road on the 3rd Sunday of the month where the market occurs in the main streets, or Daylesford’s Sunday market!

There’s my favourite stalls- the fresh pasta (homemade gnocchi with napoletana sauce, which is Saturday dinner), the vegies, the organic tomatoes and the scrummy cheese and artisan bread. If I’m lucky, there is a fresh egg stall, but that is largely dependent on the seller having enough eggs to sell- if the free-range chooks aren’t laying, there’s no eggs.

There is even an iPhone app (I have asked about an Android app, which they assure is will be developed), designed to assist users in locating a nearby farmer’s market.

Today I picked up tomatoes, gnocchi, and 2kg pink lady apples, as well as a couple of pastries to have later for coffee. Had the rest of the family been with me, there would have been a stop at the sausage sizzle stand, and the coffee van. Sausages would have been eaten and excess bread thrown to the ducks in the lake :).

Do you have a favourite market you like to visit?


5 thoughts on “To market, to market…

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    • I can totally understand that- usually I do the shopping while my husband is on kid patrol in the playground. As long as I bring him back a coffee, he’s happy 🙂

  2. I am always jealous when I read about your trips to Farmers markets – it sounds like yours are far superior to any I have been to in the UK and the problem with the good ones here are that they seem very pricey -£5 for a loaf of artisan bread – way out of my budget.

    • The artisan breads here are quite pricey too, but I tend to steer away from them, as you can get good breads from bakeries. The vegies and eggs are slightly dearer than the supermarket as well, but they’re fresh and haven’t been transported hundreds of kilometres.

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