Master (BG) Blaster

I feel compelled after yesterday’s post to add, that the adorable Miss BG has an older brother in prep, and in fairness I should say something about him that is equally proud. Just letting you know now in case you don’t wish to continue reading :).

Master BG’s first school report arrived on Wednesday. It was a great report, with my boy performing extremely well in his reading, spelling and his numeracy. His behaviour in class was an issue, but he is making a concerted effort in class to concentrate and focus on the task at hand.

Reports from his other teachers for PE, Art and Japanese also speak well of his enthusiam for his work and his cooperation. His Performing Arts teacher also commented on his energy and enthusiasm and hoped it to be better channelled in the second half of the year!

He is well-liked by his classmates and is thoroughly enjoying school. Do I feel lucky to have a great kid for a son? Indeed I do!

He had a day off today as parent teacher interviews were scheduled all day. With his sister in kinder this morning, we ran a couple of errands together and stopped off at The Turret for a coffee and chocolate milkshake. To celebrate he also scored another book in the Adventures of Captain Underpants series for his collection, which we’ll start tonight.

And now the bragging stops :).

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