Pink Swan

This year, Miss BG was enrolled in a pre-school dance class at Danceworks, one of the many dance schools in Ballarat.

A friend was shocked when he heard. ‘You have seen Black Swan, haven’t you?’ he asked increduously. I assured him I had, and saw no resemblance between myself and the Barbara Hershey character. I have never, to my knowledge, ever lived in a New York apartment…

She loves getting dressed in her ballet gear and loves being the centre of attention when she walks into school to drop off her big brother. Initially, she did not love being dropped off with her teacher, as parents are not allowed to sit in on the class and her dramatic flair for creating a scene rose to the occasion for a while. If there was ever an Oscar category for clinging like a limpet to make her mother feel guilty for abandoning her to the evil ballet teacher, she would win it hands down.

This term though she is much more settled in, and runs in to greet her lovely teacher Miss Renee. Miss BG also likes to give her teacher a cuddle when she leaves. She is developing friendships with her little classmates and last week shared her flower stickers with the class.

And there’s the dancing as well…she loves to dance and her posture changes when she’s about to dance, standing up straight and tall, her chin out. She does a very good butterfly amd flaps her arms gracefully.

The ballet school at which she is enrolled stages a single performance at the end of the year. The school does not participate in competitions nor eistedfodds. The single class she has is as much about fostering a love of dancing and having fun, while trying to instil some technique and basic ballet steps.

There was a presentation dance this morning which was attended by mums, dads, grandparents and little siblings. We got to seem them dance like horses and fairies and pretend to be clowns putting on their makeup and outfits.

She’s blossoming and I’m happy she is happy and enjoying herself.


2 thoughts on “Pink Swan

  1. Thank you – this prompted memories of Kid1 and Kid2 doing the same thing. Kid1 embraced dancing through to about Gr4, while Kid2 did the limpet thing and then took up hiding in the stage curtains. Alas she lasted only one term. Best of luck with Miss BG & enjoy!

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