Reviewing, reflecting and rethinking

I have been preoccupied today with work, which included a lot of meetings, between which I sandwiched lunch, a visit to Haigh’s (Dark Chocolate with Cardamon for anyone interested) and some work on a report due next week.

My report entails a review of the library intranet at MPOW. I’m reviewing the information architecture of the site, for the purpose of having it revised when we move it to a new Content Management Sstem.

There has been consultations with staff, analysis of web analytics, an heuristical review of the Information Architecture and a review of a survey undertaken with our users last year on their information seeking behaviour.

There is a lot to synthesise in order to form a cohesive plan for the site, but I keep on coming back to the mission of the library as stipulated in a recent annual report that we provide timely, accurate and confidential information to clients though our reference service and research service.

As a whole the Library (as its mentioned in the report) also assists clients with information literacy programs, provides a range of services to its users, as well as electronic information resources and services.

Should the site simply be a collection of resources, or reflect what the Library does as a whole? I have begun to lean towards the latter, as I suspect the resources are used more frequently by library staff to assist our users than by the users themselves. From reading our surveys of users over the years, our clientele see the Library as an entity which is there to help them, a collection of people rather than just books, reports and documents.

Now lies the challenge of conveying what I want to do by finishing the report :).

One thought on “Reviewing, reflecting and rethinking

  1. I’ll certainly be interested in how your project progresses. I’m also re-organising/re-vamping my library’s intranet site. I’ve found that by constantly reminding myself of the purpose and mission of the library (within regulatory and operational requirements), I can keep on track to deliver an improved information service.

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