Tally ho!

There is a local business which displays a quote on a sign at a busy Ballarat intersection. The quote for this week is:

Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day

So I have decided to tally up the good and not so good aspects of today.

  • Decided to sleep through my alarm and not get up to the gym -FAIL
  • Had to dash out in trackies and get milk for breakfast – FAIL
  • Picked up books from the library and saw Mr BG – WIN
  • Picked up parcel from Post Office, but it wasn’t for me – FAIL
  • Picked up coat I’d had altered- WIN
  • Went to Cake for coffee and had one of their new raspberry macarons – WIN
  • Read lots of cool posts from everyone – WIN
  • Have ticked off nearly everything on my to-do list today…- WIN
  • …except vacuum – FAIL
  • came up with an idea for my blog today 🙂 -WIN

Today was a good day. Hope your day was good too!



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