Birthday cake- by Master BG

Birthday cake by bookgrrl99
Birthday cake, a photo by bookgrrl99 on Flickr.

I asked Master BG to take this photo as I was a little pressed for time.
Today is Mr BG’s birthday. We went to Daylesford, went on a train ride, visited the market and had coffee and chocolates at Sweet Decadence. It was a day much suited for staying indoors, as the normally bustling market was deserted, but still an enjoyable day out.
Dinner tonight will be roast lamb and the birthday cake will be chocolate buttermilk.
for more information on Mr BG, you can check out the post I did here, this day 2 years ago on his birthday. Strangely enough, his birthday dinner is exactly the same…

One thought on “Birthday cake- by Master BG

  1. Ha ha. prepare for more.
    This year when J turned 18 was the first year in ten years? that I didn’t have to make his special birthday cake request…chocolate upsidedown pear cake (which is OK. I only get to make it once a year!)

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