Film Review – Super 8

A group of kids filming a zombie movie in their Ohio town stumble across a military conspiracy.They witness a mysterious train being derailed by their science teacher driving headlong into it. Not long after, dogs run off, people start disappearing and the military movie in.

Set in 1979, Super 8 has a retro appeal for those old enough to have lived it, or, for those who are too young, shows a window into a period where the latest gadget was a Walkman, when My Sharona was No 1 and when processing a movie film took 3 days.

The period and setting in small-town America has the same feel as ET and Close Encounters of the Third Kind. This is not surprising, considering Steven Speilberg produced this movie. In many ways, this is an homage to the spectacular blockbustersfor which Spielberg was famous, with a darker edge.

There are spectacular effects reminiscent of the opening scenes of the plane crash of Lost- JJ Abrams has certainly adapted well to the big screen. His habit of obscuring the alien, so you only get hints of its size or shape is also apparent.

Much of  the young cast are unknown, with the exception of Ellen Fanning (Somewhere, and yes, the younger sister of Dakota Fanning). The other young lead which is a stand out is Joel Courtney who plays Joe, a young boy still coming to terms with the loss of his mother in a work accident.

Super 8 is Goonies for grownups and quite a remarkable, and enjoyable film.

What was even more remarkable about this is the fact Mr BG and myself were able to see this in the cinema, in the afternoon, while the kids were being babysat by their lovely babysitters Rory and Morgan.

Oh, and the previews were for Captain America (cheesy), Green Lantern (green), and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (super awesome to the max).

And another thing, you should stay around for the credits as the zombie movie that the kids are making makes its appearance 🙂

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