I can be accommodating and understanding, caring and sharing. I can say ‘I don’t mind’ and honestly mean it.

Just not today.

Today I do mind that my daughter woke me at 1am and wanted to come into my bed. I do mind that she is a transformer and can go from being small, soft and cuddly to huge, with bony knees and elbows that prod ever so painfully into my shoulders and back.

I do mind when buckling my son into his seat to go to school that I discover he is not wearing his school jumper, because, in his own words, ‘ I dodn’t think I would need it.’ It’s Ballarat. On a wintry, rainy day with a temperature lucky to reach double figures.

I do mind that in its wisdom, the school decided to make all the school tops, comprising of polo shirt, jumper and fleece, exactly the same shade of blue, so it’s impossible to discern if any student is or is not wearing his or her school jumper, on a cold wintry rainy day until a parent is buckling said child into the car.

I do mind when the walk-in masseuse at the shopping centre asks me to come back in 15 minutes, then 10 minutes and finally another 20 minutes for a little 10 minute neck and shoulder massage. It is at this point I nearly burst into tears at the sheer frustration of masseuses being unable to tell the fucking time. Or it could very well be the effects of having a crappy night’s sleep.

I do mind when messages are not returned- and there’s been a few…

I do mind seeing boxes of stuff in the house and shed that aren’t mine and need to be sorted. Actually this is something I have never not minded- I just ignore it until I get into one of my moods.

And this is what my rant is- a mood that is sour and dark instead of sweetness and light. I saw this quite clearly when I went to a cafe instead of the masseuse and had a coffee and wrote this blog.

I’m not sure if I will mind tomorrow (there is an 8.30 soccer game to which I need to take Master BG), but I think a bath tonight will be in order as will the restorative powers of dark chocolate and port…


6 thoughts on “Actually…

  1. Poor you, not a great day. We all have them – as you would know, I too vent via blog.
    Take care – enjoy said chocolate, port and bath. And prefer tie Miss BG into her bed tonight 🙂

  2. *Big hugs* to you – wish I could somehow organise an instant delivery to you of chocolate, romance novels, a comfy couch & a few hours of you-time.

    • I ticked off everything on your list, and substituted the romance novels for Season 2 of the Gilmore Girls 🙂 Feeling much better for it!

  3. oh my gorgeous friend! i hadn’t read this blog when i text-ed you last night and hadn’t responded to your call yesterday. Love you soooooo much. Watching Baby Mama on my own tonight with a G&T and thinking of you and hoping the weekend has improved! Will organise the Windsor for us this week – boy do we need it! xxxxxxx

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