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My favourite app on my Android smartphone would have to be my Google Reader. I read my blogs and feeds coming in to work, leaving work, waiting for my coffee,  and waiting for Miss BG in her dance class. It’s easy to favourite them, to be revisited at a later date. I try and read then daily, otherwise it gets too overwhelming to open my reader to over a thousand posts!

I don’t have a blogroll presently on my site, as I read a few…258 at my last count. Did I ever say I like to read?

Here are the highlights of my blogroll, categorised into the categories which I use to make some sense of my subscriptions…

Artdesign is a crafty category with Day to Day, Dandelion, The Design Files,  and Meet me at Mikes and Girl in Melbourne for brilliant photography

Ballarat is for keeping up with my local peeps with The Courier, the ABC and The Ballarat Independent

I get my Fashion fix with  Esme and the Laneway, I op therefore I am and Maggie Alderson- Style Notes, and my foodie fix with the $120 Food Challenge and raspberri cupcakes

Some of the writers I follow include  Mark Dapin and Nick Earls, though he’s only written one post so far. WordPress’s post a day blog also has some interesting ideas for blog posts as well.

With things webby I like Mashable and eGovAu, Six Revisions, 1st webdesigner  and eGovernment Resource Centre

My favourite Usability blogs are Bloug by Louis Rosenfeldt, Boxes and Arrows , Nick Finck and Uselog

I also look at Australian Policy Online for research reports from thinktanks, government authorities and committees.

And the Library blogs- Apart from iLibrarian, Librarian in Black, Librarians Interact, LIS News, INFOdocket, Stephen’s Lighthouse, Tame the Web, World’s Strongest Librarian, there is flagpost from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Library, Law Librarian Blog, Oz e-books and Library Stuff

Finally there is Blogeverydayof June- I read and marvel at you all. One of the best things about this month is getting to read more blogs 🙂

The bulk of my blogroll would be libraries and librarians, but not all librarians blog about libraries, which makes for a varied diet of reading!


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