My street, Ballarat, Queens’ Birthday Holiday

A long weekend, a skip outside our house, can only mean one thing- the garden!

We hire a skip every few months or so for largely green waste (we don’t have green waste collection- the council have been dithering about this for years),  bits of stuff from the shed, and from the recent garden makeover. Presently we have a lot of leaves (the downside of living in a leafy street), rose prunings and some broken bricks in the skip. I am hoping to add more stuff today, as the sun is out, there is no wind and no rain. With any luck, we’ll crack double figures in the weather!

So far today I have swept, raked, levered, bent, yanked, weeded and pruned. On top of that lunch has been made, laundry has been done and dinner is about to be started.

Not much of a holiday for me, but I had a lovely day off on Friday so I’m not really complaining :).


2 thoughts on “My street, Ballarat, Queens’ Birthday Holiday

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