Cafe Bookgrrl

Thursdays mornings are spent at Miss BG’s dance class (more on that later, I promise you), followed by the weekly grocery shop, then a stop at her favourite place- Cake or as she puts it, the ‘Cafe where I can draw on the table’. (they have a kid’s corner with a play table covered with chalkboard paint). There we have a cupcake and a baby cino or a tea or coffee for me.

This morning we had to dash home for a delivery and the cafe stop was quashed. So we decided to open Cafe Bookgrrl for the morning. The little table was set with a linen tablecloth, and the china laid out. Miss BG had her baby cino and chocolate cake, and I had my grande coffee and a slice of raisin toast. The other guest, Tiger the cat, opted not to attend and wandered down the hallway.

Cafe Bookgrrl is open on appointment, whenever lovely people come to visit. Guests are welcome to tea, coffee and whatever sweet goodies the chef has baked!

*apologies for the lazy post- the delivery was a huge skip which I intend to start filling with garden clippings and other fun stuff!

10 thoughts on “Cafe Bookgrrl

  1. She is as cute as a button. It’s fun doing this kind of stuff isn’t it? I remember when my girl was little- she was very good at saying when we were out – “mummy, do you need a coffee??” So wise, so young!

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