North Melbourne Station, 7.25am

North Melbourne Station is where country commuters from the Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong lines disembark to change to a metropolitan Loop service. On crisp mornings like today, I am usually greeted with a blast of cold air after emerging from my comfy country carriage as I travel up the escalator to Platform One. At the end of my working day in the city, I head down to Parliament Station and make the journey in reverse.

It is a place of transit, and I am usually here no more than a couple of minutes at the start and end of my day. Like @jobeaz, I while away my time waiting for my train by reading (a paper book rather than an iPad :)) or listening to music.

It was while I was trying to stay warm on the platform and reading blogs on my phone, that I stopped and looked around. I looked at the lights still on, the small groups of people on various platforms holding coffee and chatting, or listening to music with their hands jammed into pockets, heard the traffic from the nearby streets, and remembered seeing the beautiful hot air balloons over the Maribyrnong River. Even though I wasn’t being productive, I was taking time to appreciate where I was, rather than being somewhere else (usually in my headspace).

Then the train arrived and I thought “Great timing- I’m freezing my arse off here on this platform!”

2 thoughts on “North Melbourne Station, 7.25am

  1. Hi there,
    Came across your cute blog from Circa’s website, just wanted to ask a question about how you find the daily commute from Ballarat to North Melbourne? I work in the city and am considering moving out to either Ballarat or Bendigo. Is is insufferable to commute!? I also don’t drive…
    Thanks, brandnewarmour

    • Hello brandnewarmour,
      I commute twice a week between Ballarat and Melbourne, as I work part time with 2 young children. I was a full time commuter for a year before I left my work to have my son! There are a lot of people who do commute daily from Ballarat and Bendigo, and even more from Geelong and the Bellarine Peninsula. It is not insufferable to commute- you are more likely to get a comfortable seat and a good hour or so to read, relax, or sleep. Like any trip you are tired at the end, but the bracing Ballarat air at the end of the trip will wake you up (Ballarat is at least 5 degrees colder than Melbourne in the winter).
      If you don’t drive, be sure to find a place that is walking distance from the station, the public transport isn’t that great. There is a bike cage at the station if you ride, or if you want to, you can take your bike on the train.
      I hope this has answered your questions. If you have any more questions please email me at bookgrrl99 at gmail dot com

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