And the award goes to…

(This is a draft post from about two months ago)

I received a large envelope in the post last week, marked “Do Not Bend”. It was propped against my door as our letterbox is too small for it to have comfortably fitted. Inside was my Master’s Degree in Information Architecture.

It’s over, after four years of studying. I was confirmed as a student one day in November 2006, to commence in 2007, and the next day my doctor confirmed I was pregnant. Debating whether or not to continue, I decided to push on and complete it over a longer period than the three years allotted.

I wouldn’t have been able to do this had it not been for the fact it was a distance education course. The flexibility of distance learning/online learning meant for me I could fit my study around my family’s needs, and not have to worry about childcare to attend classes.

It was funny to see how the delivery of the educational materials evolved over my course. Initially the material was paper-based, with much of the forum discussions and submission of assignments the only online component. Halfway through, the delivery changed with notes online, examples on Youtube and a greater reliance on chat, wikis and Skype to communicate with my fellow classmates.

For the most part, the teachers were great. My teachers encompassed both IT and Library, and the mix was interesting :). I also enjoyed  the wonderful access to a huge range of databases, which was great for my professional development!

I remember a lot of late nights of finishing off  assignment to submit by the midnight deadline, reading on the train, snatching moments to study when the kids were asleep, and walking to ACU around the corner from my house for my exams. I remember the support I received from MPOW, my boss and my lovely friends.

In my heart I wanted to go to the conferral ceremony and finally meet the students with whom I had conversed in the online fora and via email over the years, and introduce myself to my teachers. However my head prevailed with the argument that the ceremony was in the middle of the week, it was in Wagga Wagga and it would have been a huge logistical nightmare balancing work, school and childcare just for me to go up by myself. And I would have really wanted to share it with the people who mattered the most, my little family.

Honestly I couldn’t have done it without their support. I know I tried Mr BG’s patience constantly, but he looked after the kids while I was at the library studying, getting up to the kids while I was still on the computer finishing off assignments and made me endless cups of tea. He was a saint.

So I had my own little graduation celebration the day my degree arrived at the house.  We all went to the local pub for a meal, the children behaved impeccably and we had a lovely time :).

8 thoughts on “And the award goes to…

  1. Hats off to you, you survived the study and so did your family. From my experience of studying and having a young family – it really is one of the most stressful experiences a young mum can put herself through. Congratulations

  2. Congratulations!

    I used to whinge constantly about studying part-time and working full-time when it was just me and Gav, there’s no way I could have done it with kids too.

    A couple of my acquaintance have three wee ones and are both doing PhDs while still working full time at the moment. I have no idea how they manage it.

  3. Well done! It is a tough gig. I had to withdraw from subjects of my MBA when pregnant as I was a constant spewer! Went back after #1 was born and back of to UB this coming semester after having bub #2 in January. Five subjects to go. Would you recommend that particular course or a Masters in IT?

    • The Masters in IA was going to be phased out and an IA stream was to be offered as part of the Masters in Information Studies through CSU. It may be worthwhile exploring the Masters in IT if you already have the Masters in Information Studies or Librarianship

  4. You are a star! well done! You should have hired the gown, sash etc. and had your own ceremony locally (at the pub) – just so you can have the photos. So what are you going to do now with your idle time? 😀

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  6. Congratulations! How wonderful to hear that you have finished your Masters with small children and life and everything else going on. I’m about to start my 2nd year of the BIS through Charles Sturt and I don’t know what I’d do without chat and Skype 🙂

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