Weeding and Wardrobes

Every six months or so, I go through my wardrobe and weed it, cull out, do a chuck out, call it what you will. I throw out what doesn’t fit me, what I haven’t worn for a while and what is a bit on the tatty side. This also include my undies drawer and my pyjama collection, which given my love of bras and knickers and my living in a cold climate, is quite sizeable.

It’s a cathartic exercise, the local opshops get some clothes, my drawers and shelves are tidy again and I feel at peace with myself. Yet there are some pieces of clothing with which I cannot bear to part. They have survived the regular culls despite ticking all the criteria. And the reason for this is largely sentimentality. It’s the feelings associated with having purchased it, worn it and feeling that by giving it away, I would be abandoning a family member.

Let me introduce you to the older members of my wardrobe family:

My wedding dress(2001)- I’ve had it 10 years, and it no longer fits me- in fact it swims on me. I’m toying with the idea of having it taken in and shortened into a cocktail dress. I also have the matching pair of shoes which also no longer fit me, as I’m about half a size bigger in my feet!

Thai silk dressing gown (1997)- This was a present from my sister Fizz who brought it home as a souvenir from a trip she took to Thailand in 1997. It’s faded, but it has a beautiful silky feel to it. It’s been with me to hospital for the little BGs’ births and great to throw on over your nightie in summer or pyjamas in the winter.

Chinese style top(1994-5)- Myer would give staff a 25% discount off black and white clothing and this was worn to work, and worn out to dinner over the years. It’s showing its age and it’s too big for me, but I love its style and I can’t bear to part with it.

Cure T-shirt (1992) There was actually another Tshirt which I wanted, but they didn’t have my size, so I settled for this one. I remember having the best time at the Cure who played at what is now Rod Laver Arena on a cold August night in 1992. It was  their ‘Wish’ tour, and their last song of the night was ‘A Forest’, which was mind-blowingly awesome. We went back to a friend’s house and spent the night shivering in my sleeping bag, wondering if I could steal a blanket from the others who were camped in the room. In the end, I just switched on the heater. I’ve worn this countless times, mainly to the gym, so it’s very frayed around the collar.

Are there any items in your wardrobe that you can’t bear to part with?


10 thoughts on “Weeding and Wardrobes

  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh – love it! I had a red wedding dress too!!!!

    You must buy a lot of new clothes each year!

  2. Every 6 months is great. I am about the same when I change from Winter/Summer wardrobe. I finally got rid of my wedding dress a few years ago. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.

  3. Do trim the wedding dress down, it’d be lovely! I’m about to do the same with both my wedding gown and year 12 formal dress (once I lose the extra weight from baby!)

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